Message from the President Yuria Yoshida

Do you know the origin of the name Mt Fuji in Japanese?
It is said that the origin of the name Mt Fuji, which is a symbol of the hearts of the Japanese people, is the immortal mountain that appears in “the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter” 竹取物語 (Kaguyahime).
What does it mean to say “Immortal mountain – the life and soul of Japan that lives on forever”?
Through the activities of the Future Humanity Forum Japan, I shall transmit the philosophical message that Japan can convey to the world the concept of “life that lives forever” in the new era.

The world today is entering an era of uncertainty (VUCA) in a political structure of division and dichotomy. Even the notions of nation, democracy and capitalism are becoming ever more polarized and challenged by the advances of technology and changes in media forms.

Along with the rest of the world, Japanese society is facing new challenges. With the aim of realizing a better future for everyone, it is proposed to utilize digital technology, data and science in order to promote a green society and digitalization.
Thus, innovation and soft power are essential elements for creating a better future as well as green and digital society. There are, however, some concerns; a society may be controlled and transformed by AI, genome editing, and human body modification (cyborg) technologies.
Although innovation can trigger change, however, we must consider how to promote it from the perspective of humanity.

In other words, “innovation and DX (Digital Transformation) can be methods for solving common global issues, but they can also be tools for connecting and uniting the world”. Hence, from the perspective of humanity, the Future of Humanity Forum Japan disseminates concepts relating to how people’s mentality, well-being and cultural transition evolve as technology progresses.

Japan is a society unlike any other in the world, in which technology, culture, tradition and nature coexist and continue to diversify beyond reality and virtual reality, history and innovation and binarism these concepts are symbolized by Astro Boy and Hello Kitty. Thus, as political confrontations between major powers continue to polarize the world, the Japanese cultural code has great potential to convey to the world important themes about the future, humanity and the spirituality of life and friendship.

The Future of Humanity Forum Japan will convey to the world our message about the future visions of the world’s top creators and academia in the new era.
It may be a prologue to a more hopeful future society in which Japan will take the lead and build the future along with the rest of the world.